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​We have over 12 years of experience with Avastin. And with great success... We have dispensed over 1 million doses without issue. Our pharmacists and technicians have years of compounding experience and can provide vancomycin, cefuroxime, and ceftaz for your office at a reasonable price. 

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We're at the forefront of an ever-changing profession, and are fully committed to exceed client expectations with our competitive pricing. Let us know what you are paying for your current services, and we will beat it by 20% or better. We can offer this by not being part of a GPO contract.

RC Outsourcing

 FDA 503B Outsourcing Facility

Ray Carlson, R.Ph. files a lawsuit against the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to demand compliance with state and federal standards of practice.

​We guarantee convenient services. For example, we will replace Avastin syringes for your office at no charge for any reason (i.e. expired syringes). We also offer next day shipping or delivery and free shipping with certain size orders.


The Owner of RC Outsourcing continues to fight for adherence to laws and rules meant to protect the public.  Here is an important piece that aired on TV-5 in Cleveland, OH. .  The study, funded by Ray Carlson, R.Ph as well as the lawsuit filed against the Ohio Board of Pharmacy can be found at the link below: 


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RC Outsourcing, LLC is registered with the FDA as a 503B Outsourcing Facility and provides compounded sterile drug products for introcular injections only. The eye is our focus. We have been preparing Avastin as well as antibiotics for over 12 years without a recall. 


We continue to provide physicians with the option of either ordering Avastin in a BD insulin syringe or a "silicone-free" alternative (Norm-Ject) and we stand by in defense of their right to make such decisions Incidents of harm and/or difficulties with "production" at other facilities have no impact on our ability to insure access to safe and quality products.  RC Outsourcing has had two (2) reported silicone incidents within the past two years.  We follow the standards as defined by USP and as written by the latest FDA guidance with our latest FDA inspection being only a few months ago. 

The major change that has occurred within the industry over the past two years has been the funneling of Avastin customers to a select few Outsourcers by a Group Purchasing Organization.  We are not participants of this group purchasing and believe that many small and service oriented establishments operating in line with FDA and USP standards is in the best interest of the public.

It is possible that BD insulin syringes will be a thing of the past.  If so, we can only hope that it does not come all at once, without notice, and without time to prepare.  Payers need the opportunity adjust reimbursement rates  and clinicians must have the opportunity to prepare.  Big gives us increased exposure to risk and it is possible that those who have caught the attention of class-action lawyers are reacting?   We are small but  able to help in a big way.  We are not raising our prices.  We have remained the lowest in the U.S. because of our position and of our refusal to allow middlemen into the equation.  Outsourcing Facilities are not manufacturers and it is important that we refrain from volumes and practices that confuse the two.

Ray Carlson, R.Ph.