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As our profession and the agencies that regulate us continue to work to modify rules and guidances on expiration dates, acceptable storage/delivery systems (syringes), and general storage conditions, we will reserve the right to modify delivery and packaging accordingly.  There remain best practices yet to be agreed upon that could impact delivery schedules and pricing.  As they occur, please know that we will do our best to ensure that physician needs continue to be met in the most timely and cost efficient manner as patient safety allows. 

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Please note that we are licensed in many states but not all.  Contact Justin Romeo for licensing information.  Although the FDA is encouraging standardization of licensing amongst the various states, many are very cumbersome and prohibitive.  

Keeping it simple. Maintaining quality. Keeping costs down.​

We serve the needs of retinal clinics by specializing in the repacking of Avastin and the compounding of intraocular injections.   With over one million doses prepared without incident and best pricing in the industry, we will gladly provide you with quality and safety at a reasonable price.  We offer free shipping on orders of certain sizes, and will replace expired or compromised syringes for no additional charge.  

As an FDA registered 503B outsourcing facility, we are able to serve a wide range of clientele, such as retinal specialists, ophthamologist, hospitals, and medical clinics. We value every client relationship greatly, and each engagement benefits from breadth of our quality and expertise. We conduct end product testing for each batch of our products so you can be assured with our high standards and level of patient safety.

​​​Ready to setup an account to order?​

You will need to complete a simple "New Customer Sign-up" form and either fax or email it back to us.  Please call our office at 330-536-8500 or email us at RCOutsourcing@ATT.net to obtain one.  If you are located within our geographical area, we will exchange licensing and we might even ask for permission to visit your facility.  Our door is always open for your visit in kind. 

You will find ordering to be simple and convenient.   We offer free and complete credit for expired or suspect medications.  This helps us both to ensure that there is no use of drug that is suspected of being adulterated and unsafe.  Our staff keeps track of individual office credits with a "no hassle" policy.  Beyond Use Dates and storage conditions are sensitive indicators of safety and it is important that we offer no incentive not to report.  We offer both CQI and QA reporting forms so that we might determine root cause should such an event deem it necessary. 

We thank you for the opportunity to establish this simple but important relationship.  Pharmacy has traditionally adhered to the Physician - Patient - Pharmacist triad with patient specific prescriptions; but with the passage of DQSA and the creation of outsourcing facilities (manufacturers) that seem to bypass the patient, we strengthen the bond between physician and pharmacist with the patient utmost in mind.

Information regarding Outsourcing Facilities can be found at www.FDA.gov by searching
"Registered Outsourcing Facilities."