RC Outsourcing History

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The history of our facility.

RC Outsourcing FDA guidance issued in 2015 essentially separated sterile from non-sterile compounding and so we made the easy decision to move some of just the sterile portion of RC Compounding's operation to this new site called RC Outsourcing in Lowellville, Ohio.   We have worked hard to maintain the historical value of this 4500 square foot bank while at the same time outfitting it with modern sterile equipment and clean room. 

We wish to thank all of our customers who stood by us as our company and our profession bettered itself in the wake of contaminations being experienced by other compounders.  Our staff has experienced inspections at either one or both locations by the FDA, our Ohio Board of Pharmacy, PCAB, insurance companies, and suppliers,  with confidence in the higher standards we had already embraced.   It has been for the safety of our patients and security for our customers that we went the extra mile years before the NEC contamination tragedy occurred.   ​